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 Popularity's GM application!

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PostSubject: Popularity's GM application!   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:57 pm

Name: Hunter Crescenzi

Account Name: Popularity

Why Do You Want To Be A GM?

I want to be a GM, because I've had past experiences and I miss being a GM. Actually, once I was hosting my own server, very sucessfull a while ago, and decided to give it up. I just miss being a GM, helping people out, hosting events, and everything. ):

Why Should You Be Picked To Be GM?

I should be picked to be a GM, because I have lots of experience, and I have the commands/item iD's , also I have lots of ideas for events! I'm a good GM and very responsible. Also I am a laid back kinda guy who likes to have lots of fun! If you could ask all my friends, they'd decscribe me as "goofy" (:

How Long Have You Played Rose Online?:

I've played ROSE online since it was in beta, since it was FREE. Well, on and off. I've played for a long time and have lots of exp with it (:

Do You Have Any Experience As A GM?:

Yes, as I explained before, I was a GM for 2 other servers and had my own server, running as an Admin. I have lots of exp, doing events and having lots of fun !

Name A GM Command:

/levelup , /exp, /item, /drop .. etc(:

How Long Do You Play RoseOnline In A Day, Week , Month?

day : Probably 2-10 hours, Depends on if I'm busy that day or at my GF's, but I always squeeze in a couple of hours. (:

Week : 14-70 hours.

Month : 60 - 300 hours.

If You Get GM Position What Would You Want You Name To Be?:
Example: [GM]Xclusive, [GM] Joe.


Other Things You Want Admin To Know:

Nothing really, except for the fact that I'm a responsible guy who likes to have fun ! (:
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PostSubject: Re: Popularity's GM application!   Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:54 pm

The Next Gm can be you or Vault

Idk it's Admins decission
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PostSubject: Re: Popularity's GM application!   Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:31 pm

i've read all of the GM apps.
and i didnt think of a decision yet..

Before i add anymore GM's..
i need more people online..because i dont want a game full of GM's..
so please vote and invite your friends..

check back here daily to see if your added to staff..
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PostSubject: Re: Popularity's GM application!   

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Popularity's GM application!
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