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 WindowsXP [GM] App

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PostSubject: WindowsXP [GM] App   Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:25 pm

Name: Mike

Account Name: WindowsXP

Why Do You Want To Be A GM? i like to help people and i believe i would help the Exclusive Rose Community

Why Should You Be Picked To Be GM? I have a lot of experience as a [GM] and i am very nice

How Long Have You Played Rose Online?: i have played rose online for many years. even before evo

Do You Have Any Experience As A GM?: yes. i was a gm for x-world, g-rose, pimpin rose, and a [GM] for Speed Rose when it first came out.

Name A GM Command:
/item [id] [type] [amount] [refine] [life] [stats] [socket]
/move [charname] [map] [x] [y]
/goto [charname]
/teletome [charname]
/level [level]

How Long Do You Play RoseOnline In A Day, Week , Month? i am new but i will be on every day most of the day.

If You Get GM Position What Would You Want You Name To Be? i would like it to be [GM]WindowsXP.

Other Things You Want Admin To Know: i am a very responsible respectful person and i take great responsibility in the things i do and if i am appointed [GM] i will not let you down
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WindowsXP [GM] App
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