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 Irose Change..

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PostSubject: Irose Change..   Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:43 pm

okay since i heard more good comments about Irose rather than Evo.
I Have Decided to change server into Irose.
Good thing is, i am able to add planet Oro to Irose.
Rates will be 500exp,250zuly,250drop

Bad News: Everyone's Characters will be deleted in the process. Yes its going to be sad for all ExclusiveRose players, But i know you all will have the most fun ever when i am done making server into Irose.

Oro will be a market place for all players.
i will also put monsters there that are level 200.
so not everyone can just sit around there and just farm and buy all day long.
only level 200 people can.

also, go 16 (junon clan field) will be taken out, i think its just pure cheating.
so no more beans!, i will make a exception though. A event will be hosted each week. Event winner will get to level up at junon clan field for about 1hour.
Fair Enough?

I am excited to annouce this because Evo has been really getting on my nerves and alot of players give me more good comments about Irose rather than evo.
so this is why i am making a change. A change for the better, and lets hope this is going to be the best Irose server ever.

Thank you for reading and Please remember to vote.

right now it is 3:41pm eastern time here.
i live in the U.S> just so you what time it is here.
I dont know how long it will take me but i'm not going to rush.
as soon as i am done i will post a annoucement.
Thank you all for playing ExclusiveRose.

If you have anything to say about this just feel free to post in General Dicussion.
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Irose Change..
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